Fly For FREE, Ecuador travel hacks

FLY FOR FREE, I know people that make money when they fly, and they are not smuggling cocaine. Bringing products back that are expensive or not available here in Ecuador.

How this works people order products and sends them to your address in the states, you pack them and bring them for a charge. Collect the money upfront!

Going Rates:

  • Laptops – $75
  • Cell Phones – $50
  • Credit Cards – $10
  • Papers(Documents) – $10
  • Per-Pound – $8-$10

Research how much or many you can bring. For example – right now, you are allowed to bring back two cell phones.

When you land in Ecuador, you can stop off in the duty-free shop and pick up three bottles of high-end liqueurs. Whiskies are the most sought after. Makers Mark, Jim Beam, and Jack Daniels. You can usually double your money.

Flying out of Ecuador, you can make money as well. I know a guy that took back 120 pounds of coffee and had most of it sold before his trip. Contact smaller coffee shops and offer them deals on freshly roasted coffee from Ecuador, and do not bring back non-roasted green coffee that will be confiscated when you enter the states. You can buy $2-$4 a pound and sell for $15 a pound.

Easy to pack and light are Indigenous products like Alpaca scarfs, shawls, and other clothing products.

Another trendy item is the Panama hat which is made here in Ecuador. You can find them in the Indigenous markets around Ecuador for $10-$20 and sell for 2-3 times what you pay for them.

Safe Travels, and see you in Ecuador.

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