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Great opportunity to operate a coffee shop where people dream of living. No (or small) investment is required. Turn-key….. don’t miss this opportunity!!”If you ever dreamed of owning your own Coffee Shop and living at the beach? Here is your chance.

I’m renting out the coffee shop in CoCo Bongo. CoCo Bongo is well known and has been around for 20 years, and It’s has been voted top 10 hostels in Ecuador by Cultural Trip. So everyone knows where it’s is. We have a decent regular client base that stays at the hostel. So naturally, you will get business from people staying here, like breakfast and pastries.

If you have a particular name, you would like to use for the coffee shop, great, and we will list it as being located in CoCo Bongo. Then, it could be a good idea to create an Instagram and Facebook Fanpage for it. I can promote that with CoCo Bongo’s Instagram(cocobongohostel – over 10,000 fans) and Fanpage(HostelCoCoBongo – over 2,500 fans). I also plan to grow CoCo Bongo’s accounts and the fan numbers and promote the hostel part. Also, I’ll create a page for it on the website.

Website –

Why Am I renting the coffee shop out? I’ve been in the restaurant business for 20 years and am ready to move on to other projects, and, unfortunately, I’ve just lost my drive for it.

Fully equipped and ready to go:
Brick pizza oven, which is also great for cooking homemade bread.
Large smoker – for all types of meats.
Oven and backup range.
Three refrigerators and two freezers
Several different types of coffee makers
Two vita-mixers

Coffee Shop – $400 a month(first 6 mths) $450 after that.
25% electric
25% water
I have a room available and would rent for $225 a month.

For more details contact me –

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