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Ecuador’s Cost of Living Triumphs Over Florida: A Closer Look

In the comparison between Florida, United States, and Coastal Ecuador in terms of cost of living, it is undeniable that Ecuador emerges as the winner. In certain areas of Ecuador, it is possible to live a comfortable life with as little as $1,000 per month. As a resident of Bahia de Caraquez, I can personally attest to the affordability. Dining out becomes a pleasant experience with less than $10 a day. For example, you can enjoy a traditional encebollado breakfast for just $2.25 and indulge in the Big Boy Burger for dinner, complete with egg, ham, salami, cheese, and fries, all for only $3.75. At CoCo Bongo, we even offer gourmet options like the Surf and Truf Pasta, featuring locally sourced shrimp and chorizo for $9.95. Moreover, both locations provide affordable high-speed internet connections.

In the realm of insurance lawsuits, Florida takes the lion’s share, accounting for a staggering 79% of cases filed in the United States. The remaining 21% is spread across the entirety of the country.

In regards to weather, both Florida and Ecuador boast incredible climates. However, Ecuador holds the advantage of being free from hurricanes and tornadoes. One contributing factor to Florida’s higher cost of living, as highlighted in the video I’ve shared, is the mandatory insurance required to reside there.

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Insurance in Florida is notoriously high-priced due to several factors. The state’s geographical location exposes it to hurricanes, resulting in increased risks and property damage. Florida’s susceptibility to flooding and its flat topography further contribute to the high cost of insurance coverage. The frequency of property claims and the prevalence of insurance fraud and excessive litigation also drive up premiums. Efforts have been made to mitigate these challenges, but insurance in Florida remains costly. Policyholders in the state must navigate the higher expenses associated with protecting their properties and belongings, making insurance affordability a significant concern.

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When it comes to healthcare, Ecuador once again emerges as the clear winner in my opinion. Insurance costs are remarkably affordable, and medical expenses are also reasonably priced. A visit to the doctor typically ranges from $30 to $50, and you get to meet with the doctor directly, not just a nurse. The affordability of medication in Ecuador surpasses that of anywhere in the United States. For instance, a generic Z-pak costs around $5, while amoxicillin is priced at approximately $0.22 per pill.

If you desire to immerse yourself in a new culture without breaking the bank, Coastal Ecuador may be the perfect fit for you. Feel free to reach out with any questions, and be sure to explore the diverse properties we have available. Let us assist you in making your dream of living in Coastal Ecuador a reality.


Florida may lack mountains, but Ecuador is blessed with the magnificent Andes Mountains. The stunning beauty of the Andes allows you to fulfill the dream of owning both a mountain home and a beach home, all at a more affordable cost compared to Florida. Moreover, the coastal region of Ecuador offers a distinct culture and delectable cuisine, providing a refreshing change. The best part? A mere 5-6 hour drive or a short 45-minute flight from Manta to Quito connects these captivating regions.


If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of Ecuador and exploring the properties it has to offer, we invite you to visit our real estate page and discover the exciting opportunities available. We provide comprehensive information about the advantages of living in Ecuador and showcase a wide range of properties suitable for various preferences and budgets. Additionally, we offer exclusive tours that allow you to experience firsthand the beauty of Ecuador and explore potential investment options. Don’t miss out on this chance to discover the wonders of Ecuador and the incredible real estate opportunities it presents. Visit our website today!

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