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CoCo Bongo Hostel Room 4 – Salt Water Heals, Everything

Room 4

This is room number 4 in CoCo Bongo Hostel in Bahia.

When you walk into Salt Water Heals, Everything there will be a small kitchenette. Then, a giant mural painted by our volunteer artist Iliana from Thessaloniki, Grease, walks past the bedroom’s bamboo divider. She painted another incredible mural above the bed. Walkout on the Balcony overlooking the beautiful mother’s park and peer through the trees to see the Chone estuary. 

Relax on the Balcony, do some bird watching, and get a glimpse of 20 different birds’ spices while enjoying the beach palm mural painted by Diego from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

CoCo Bongo Room 4 Tour



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