Friday, June 14, 2024

Digital Nomads

Is Coco Bongo a Hotel or Hostel or Both?

Hotel or Hostel, what's the difference? The biggest differences that separates a hotel and a hostel are the number of rooms available, type of accommodation and services provided. Hostel -Private and shared dorms -Hostel dorm is a great way to meet people and...

Digital Nomads Get Special Deals in Coco Bongo

Digital Nomads in Ecuador Ecuador has recently launched a special visa for those Digital Nomads looking to work and explore the country of the four worlds for at least 2 years. We explain the process and requirements in our post...

Digital Nomad Visa in Ecuador

Ecuadorian Digital Nomad Visa The Digital Nomad Visa in Ecuador was launched on September 27, 2022 by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism. The campaign aims to increase awareness about the benefits of working remotely from Ecuador and is looking forward...

Latest News

Starlink in Ecuador an Alternative to CNT

Starlink in Ecuador Unlocking High-Speed Connectivity Ecuador has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its internet connectivity landscape, with the advent...
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