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Is Coco Bongo a Hotel or Hostel or Both?

Hotel or Hostel, what’s the difference?

The biggest differences that separates a hotel and a hostel are the number of rooms available, type of accommodation and services provided.


-Private and shared dorms

-Hostel dorm is a great way to meet people and save money.

-Budget friendly and the best choose for backpackers. Ranges from $5-$60/night.

-Plenty of activities: meet & greets, walking tours, pre-game events, etc.

-Very social environment and easy to meet other travelers.

-Possibility of volunteering positions in different areas.

-The greatest option if you’re a solo traveler and looking to make new friends worldwide.


-Private rooms

-Guests have the upper hand with privacy and amenities.

-Tend to be more expensive and the range depends on where are they located. Ranges from $30-$500/night.

-Few activities to do or events to assist.

-Not very social environment and it’s more difficult to meet people.

-There aren’t any volunteering positions in Hotels.

-Typically choose by families, romantics getaway or business people.

Hostel VS  Hotel Coco Bongo Hostel

What makes us different?

We are a Boutique Hostel

We’ve already learned the difference between a Hotel and a Hostel, and now is the turn to get to know what it takes to be a Boutique Hostel.

Being designated as Boutique Hostel isn’t easy at all, this means you should be fashionable, small & luxurious, but also, carry a strong personality and be unique. You should be able to deliver a mind-blowing experience to your guests and make them feel at ease around your place.

On the other hand, paying attention to details is always a must and makes a big difference between a Hotel, Hostel, and Boutique Hostel. If you put in a little bit of extra effort, you will be able to amplify your guests’ experience.

Hotel VS Hostel Living Art in Coco Bongo Hostel

Living Art

As we mention before, we are a unique Boutique Hostel located in the heart of a warm beach town on the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast. Our uniqueness is expressed in our Living Art Gallery all over the Hostel and in our friendly hospitality, which makes our guests never want to leave CoCo Bongo.

Hotel VS Hostel Artists of Coco Bongo Hostel


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