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Extend your tourist visa for an extra 90 days

Extend your tourist visa

A standard tourist visa will allow staying 90 days within a period of 12 months. It is about 3 months within a calendar year. And this brings us to the next question… Here is how to Extend your tourist visa.

What is an extension?

It is an authorization to stay in Ecuadorian territory for up to 90 additional days for foreigners who have entered the country as tourists, through any legally established immigration control point, and when the 90 days initially granted have already expired

Who can access an extension?

All foreigners can access an extension of stay in the country, with the exception of citizens whose nationalities are other than South American and who do not belong to special regime nationalities, that is, they do not need to obtain a visa as a prerequisite for entry. to Ecuador, once they have completed their initial 90 days of stay as tourists.
This document may be required solely and exclusively after the term of stay; that is, from the 91st day of their stay in the country.

How do I get an extension?

The issuance of the extension can be requested at the Migratory Support Service offices nationwide or by sending an email to, attaching a copy of the passport or DNI.


• Presentation of the original, valid and current Passport.
• Fill out the Extension Request Form, which can be found at the bottom of the page, for the Authorized Stay permit (Annex 2).
• If the applicant is a minor, the form must be filled out completely with her information and signed by her mother, father or legal representative. The document must be presented by each applicant.

USD 141.67 (third part of an Ecuadorian unified basic salary) must be paid. Each applicant must make the individual payment at the Banco del Pacífico teller windows nationwide using the payment code 4.6 (PRORROGAS).
The original voucher generated by the financial institution, for the collection made, must be issued in the name of the person requesting the extension and then present it at the Immigration Support Service offices.
• It is recommended to make the payment the same day that the procedure is going to be done.

Extension request form

Annex 2

For more information, write to us:

This information was taken directly from Ecuador migration government page, things can change, so below is a link to the page in Spanish:

Migracion Ecuador Government Page



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