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The wonderful experience of changing a dog’s life, Dog Shelter El Perro Feliz.

EL PERRO FELIZ – THE HAPPY DOG is first class. They do a fantastic job and have a lot of responsibilities and tons of work to do: they provide accommodation, food and water, veterinary care, and sterilization care for homeless animals. They also organize visits from future pet owners-to-be for the pets they keep in the shelter.

Dog Shelter El Perro Feliz

perro feliz
perro feliz

The dog shelter “EL PERRO FELIZ” is a safe place where they feed and care for animals that are in vulnerable situations. They are a group of people concerned about the welfare of animals, who feel a great responsibility in developing actions to improve their environment and quality of life.

perro feliz
perro feliz
albergue perro feliz

CoCo Bongo Adopted Flounder through El Perro Feliz, and the process is thorough because they want to ensure the animal is going to a good home.

adoption el perro feliz
adoption el perro feliz
adoption el perro feliz
adoption el perro feliz flounder
adoption el perro feliz flounder

If you can’t adopt a pet, donate or drop off some food(Procan Cachorros o Dog Star Adultos). Whatever you can do is much appreciated. We are giving a 10% discount here at CoCo Bongo if you bring in a 4KG bag of Procan cachorros(Puppies) o Dog Star adultos(Adults).

el perro feliz

Check out their website; they also have information on donating.

El Perro Feliz Website



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