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Financial Freedom for Life

Financial Freedom for Life, How? Reside in one and lease out the remaining five.

Financial Freedom for Life

Who comprises your target audience?

  • Expats
  • Intern nurses and doctors usually have a budget of approximately $200 per room. They are sent here to undergo a 1-2 year internship at the new hospital.
Financial Freedom for Life
Financial Freedom for Life

In the current market, you can expect to fetch rents ranging from $300 to $450. Let’s consider a conservative average of $350, totaling $1,750 per month for the five apartments.

Financial Freedom for Life

The estimated cost of living for an individual is approximately $675 per month, while for a couple, it’s around $855 per month. For a more detailed breakdown of the cost of living in Bahia de Caraquez, CLICK HERE.

Still interested? Take a look at Bridge View Apartment Suites

If you’re aware of anyone considering a move to Ecuador, this property might catch their eye. It’s an income-producing property with six apartments – live in one and rent out the other five. If you refer them to me and they buy the property, I’ll gladly offer you a $5,000 referral fee. If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.



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